Monday, December 31, 2007

All I want for Christmas....

well, the song just says "two front teeth". It doesn't really specify which two. So, Carter at 9 1/2 months finally got three teeth within a week of each other. It started with one on top, one on bottom and then the other bottom popped through. Now he is working on the other top tooth!Bring on more big boy food!!

On Saturday before Christmas, we along with Shawna, Don and the kids, went over to Granny and Papa Bob's house to celebrate with them since we couldn't see them on Christmas. Granny made all of us girls these beautiful Christmas Trees that must have taken her weeks to make. We absolutely love them!! I actually placed mine near our Nativity Scene and it was so pretty that I considered leaving it out all year.....I didn't but I cannot wait to use it again next year!

Shawna, Keira, Tyler, Shaelyn, Me and Carter with Granny!

Christmas morning at mom and dads (aka Nana and Papaw) house always calls for the annual picture on the stairs. We took one of all of us and we filled the steps from top to bottom. We are starting to outgrow their stairs so next year we might just have to get one of only the kids like the one pictured above. Notice the three babies in their matching cute!!

Carter just loved opening gifts...for a little while at least. His attention span was about as long as his legs...short! He really enjoyed all the bright shiny bows and the sound of the paper as he would oh so slowly rip them open. Carter also loved how easy the packages would slide across the floor with the wrapping paper on them. He uses everything and anything as a mode of transportation or walking device. It won't be long until he is walking on his own!

Little Miss Ceili and her boa from her dress-up clothes! She just loves dressing like a Princess and a Princess she is!

Shae and her new sewing and knitting machine! I cannot wait to see what she makes!

Tyler showing off his new Cars Bean Bag Toss!

Hey, you kind of look like me. Same size, same PJ's , nearly the same hair! The two cuties, Keira and Carter, sporting their matching PJ's while playing with Carters new Choo Choo!

Christmas Eve after Mass and before our Chinese dinner with the Auntie Holly, Uncle Justin, Auntie A and Nana and Papaw. We missed having Shawna and Don there! Shawna would always cook a HUGE dinner after Mass but this year was a little different. Since she has moved and Holly is pregnant we decided to go simple and order out Chinese and munch on holiday was fun, yummy and nobody had to spend the entire day and night in the kitchen!

Of course, a Mennel Family tradition continues into our own home...the Christmas morning stairs picture! Here is little Carter eagerly waiting at the top of the stairs....the tree is at the bottom and he can already see that Santa has brought him a few new toys!

Oh, all the toys! Which should I play with first? Carter went from toy to toy to toy trying them all out for a few seconds at a time. The choices were overwhelming and wore him out after about 15 minutes. All that assembly the night before and in a flash he was over it and ready for a nap. Still it was oh so worth it and oh so sweet to watch him discover all his new toys! After presents, the three of us enjoyed Moms Coffee Cake made by yours truly and had a wonderful Christmas morning together before we headed down to Tennessee.

The Wynberry's Stair Picture (do all families do this?)

Carter loved his very 1st soccer ball from Aunt Traci and Uncle Tim but I think he loved playing soccer with Patrick even more.

Straight out of the movie, A Christmas Story, Jack is enjoying his bunny costume just a bit too much. He was such a good sport and surprised the family several times by putting the costume on and running through the was hilarious. Far more funny than we could have ever imagined.

Just the boys: Patrick, Carter, Alex and Jack


Nana Mennel said...

Wonderful pictures...I feel like we did Christmas all over again. I think Carter had a wonderful first Christmas. What a lucky little boy he is!! I love the picture of Carter and Keira looking at each other as if it were a mirror they were looking into. They are so cute together. Love you guys.

Holly said...

Loved seeing all the pictures - looks like Carter had a wonderful First Christmas!! Here's to many, many, many more to come! Love you guys!