Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A few more...

of our fun-filled, family weekend! Since we were all in town we decided at the very last minute that we should take the babies to Santa that way Nana and Papaw could witness their excitement first-hand. Just check out Carters says it all!!

Actually, it wasn't that bad. He did fine with Santa except every couple of seconds he would turn his head to look at Santa and the tears would start again and again and again. We just couldn't keep from laughing. Poor thing...he was such a good sport and these pictures are priceless.

Here are Carter and Keira cruising around the living room. They had so much fun playing together!! It was so good having them at the house and watching the two play together...they are going to get into so much trouble someday together! Carter was teaching Keira how to walk with his walker....she was a pro by the end of the weekend. We kept saying, "If only she could teach him to talk" well....Monday night, Carter started saying ba-ba-ba-ba-ba at the dinner table. Soooo cute!! Thanks Keira!
Over the past month Carter has really taken off walking with his little walker. He just absolutely loves it and it provides hours of entertainment daily! He is getting so big. Between him starting to eat big boy food and learning to walk, I fear that my "baby" days are numbered. Every time I turn around he is learning something new! It is hard to believe that nine months has already gone by so quickly. At his appointment the other day Carter was 29 3/4 in long (90th %) and 17 lbs 12 oz (10th %) he is long, lean, and healthy as can be! Dr Hodson said he looked great and that she said she would see him for his 1 year check-up....1 year, can you believe it?!?


Nana Mennel said...

I love the picture of Carter and Keira walking day you can take the same picture without the toy. Looks like they each had alot of fun with each other. I can't wait to watch them at Christmas. Love you guys.

Holly said...

I am so glad Carter is getting some use out of Ceili's walker - she loved that toy and it's nice to know someone else is getting use out of it too! The pictures of Carter and Keira walking together are priceless!! Those two are going to get into soooo much trouble together!!

nana wynberry said...

Love all the pictures.Amazing to see how much they all have grown. They are all so precious. Can't wait to see and hold Carter at Christmas.
Love, Nana W