Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Around the house!

Over the weekend, Matt and I were busy at work getting the yard and house ready for winter. You know, mowing the lawn one last time, trimming bushes, cleaning windows...that kind of stuff. Well, I had just cleaned the windows and was starting to cook dinner when I looked up to see Carter standing at the back door just watching Matt cut the grass. It was the sweetest thing. Carter must have stood there for 5 minutes just turning his little head from side to side watching Matt mow the yard back and forth! I finally got Matt's attention and Carter was so excited to see daddy walk up to the door and play with him through my freshly, streak-free, just been cleaned window pane. Oh well, glass looks so much better with tiny little hand prints on it's the sign of a happy home!

Like I said, we have been busy around the house. Here are a few of Carter's new favorite things to do. He loves finding my cabinet where he will personally inspect each and every piece of Tupperware before he so gracefully dumps it onto the floor and then he is off to bigger and better things! Carter also has a new obsession of crawling over to the dryer and playing with all the clothes inside. He especially enjoys when the clothes are still wet! Who would have thought that the best toys are never bought, they are simply things that have been there all the while just waiting to be discovered by two little hands and the eyes of a child.


Nana Mennel said...

Aww, those are the cutest pictures. Looks like Mommy will have some great help one day soon. Take advantage of it while he wants to, it will pass to quickly.

auntiea said...

too cute. He has become quite the little adventurer. Wonder what he will become famous for discovering?

Holly said...

Looks like he's going to be a big helper!! Cute pics - thanks for sharing! Love you guys!