Thursday, September 6, 2007

Carter's 1st Haircut!

The before picture!
So, Carter's hair was beginning to look a little like the Donald, a nice comb over, or maybe even a baby toupee. It was definitely time for a haircut. I had told myself I wouldn't cut it until his birthday, but I settled for his 1/2 birthday instead. So, at 6 mo. Carter got his very 1st big boy haircut by his Nana Wynberry.

Here we are getting ready for the big cut. Smock in place, hair wet, one lone curl down the forehead, a living room full of eager spectators, and more camera's than the paparazzi.

And with one quick snip it was off. and yes, I cried.

The after picture! What a big boy!
Carter sporting his new do in his very special outfit from Nana and Papaw Mennel.


auntiea said...

aww too cute. I cant believe how big he is getting!

Nana Mennel said...

I love his little hair cut. Nana Wynberry did a very good job. He looks like it didn't bother him a bit.