Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Windy City!

Carter got to spend an entire morning hanging out with his Auntie A in Chicago while mommy and daddy went on a sailboat tour! Carter loved spending time with her. They got to play, take a nap, and eat sweet potatoes! Sounds like a blast doesn't it!?

Recently, the Wynberry's spent the weekend at Uncle Travis' house in Chicago to celebrate a few birthdays and Uncle Tim's graduation from Notre Dame! yeah, Uncle Tim!!

Although they may call it the Windy City, you would not have known that the day we decided to go out on a sailboat. There was not a breeze to be caught by the sails and the water was still as glass. However, we still managed to have a good time and enjoy the water! Above is the view we had from the boat!

The whole gang, minus Carter, enjoying our sailboat ride on the Red Witch!

Here is Capt. Jack, Admiral Alex, and Patrick steering the boat out of the harbor! Jack was so excited to be a real "Captain" for the day!! He did inform me however, that a "real" pirates boat would have been much larger! Alex and Patrick got us sailing by helping the First Mate hoist the sails.


auntiea said...

It was so nice seeing you guys in Chicago, even though it was just for a little while. It was really fun having Carter's love all to myself for a few hours! Thanks for having me watch him! Love you all.

Nana Mennel said...

Looks like Carter had a weekend surrounded by people who just love him so much. Glad everyone had fun.