Friday, August 10, 2007

Little Granny

Before we headed to Hilton Head, we were so lucky to stop in Charleston to visit Nana and Papa Wynberry and Carter got to meet Little Granny for the very first time. By the smile on both of their faces, they loved it! Little Granny just could not get enough of him and she just adored his big beautiful eyes!

Here is Nana and Little Granny dancing in the living room; they were so good they didn't even need the music!

Nana's cousin Joanie was so nice to bring Little Granny and Aunt Margaret to visit us in Charleston. She is a very special lady to take such great care of those we love! We had such a wonderful time and we cannot thank her enough for making the trip!

Here is Joanie rocking with Carter. She had the touch of a grandma; just a few minutes in her arms and he was if she could have only held him all night!

We are so fortunate that we were all able to spend some time together. It isn't very often that you have four generations all under the same roof!

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Nana Mennel said...

Wonderful pictures, I am glad little granny got to meet Carter. I know both of them will forever cherish the pictures together.