Friday, April 27, 2007

Like a Baby

He sleeps like a baby! Whoever first came up with this phrase has obviously never had a baby. Although they may sleep frequently, they definitely do not sleep long. Carter took a nap in his crib yesterday for the very first time! Looking at the picture, Carter loved it "this much" with his little arms stretched out wide! He loved it so much that we tried to have him sleep in his crib last night for the very first time. I cried as we tucked him in, but not to worry I still got to hold him every three hours when he woke up to eat. Today Carter is 9 weeks old, and what a wonderful 9 weeks it has been!

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Nana Mennel said...

AWW...he looks so peaceful. I am sure he will be sleeping more at night soon. He sure is a lucky little boy to have such a beautiful room. Who wouldn't have sweet dreams in his room. Love you.