Friday, December 17, 2010

Preparing our hearts and our home

Well, by now, the lights have been hung, the tree has been lit and the feeling of Christmas is all around. This year we promised to do more, spend less, and enjoy all the moments that make us smile!

Above, you can see that Carter is all smiles as he decorates his very tree! It is just darling with pinks, purples, blues and lime greens and full of little sweet shop ornaments. He absolutely loves all the colored lights which differs slightly from the all white light tree in the living room. This year Carter was insistent that an angel be placed on top of the tree in the living room. He has been completely intrigued by the story of Christmas and feels that an angel is most fitting...he is just too smart for only being 3.

We love using our annual Indianapolis Zoo membership as much as possible and one of our favorite times to use it is now. The Zoo is decorated with millions of lights, figurines and trees. They even bring in one very special Christmas helper...a reindeer. Carter was too funny this year as he went from tree to tree and figurine to figurine posing at every one for a picture...we finally had to cut him off he was stopping so much!

And as always we celebrate the season with a baking day at mom and dads. You should see some of the cookies...the kids did an absolutely amazing job decorating!

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