Sunday, September 12, 2010

Starting Preschool

If I could have only convinced him to stop celebrating and sit still long enough to get a good picture. oh well. I guess it is what it is. His first day of preschool and he was just so excited he couldn't contain himself!


Ashley and Brian said...

He is the cutest little man in the world. I love that he is going where we went, that it is a picture perfect little preschool red door and all.

(sidenote: I still have a picture of me and brandon infront of that red door with my super sweet ice cream cone backpack).

SO cute, I cant believe how big he is. Just imagine his excitement when he finally gets to ride a school bus!

Nana said...

It's hard to believe my "little stud muffin" is old enough for preschool! He sure loves going to school! Today when I took him to school, I started to hold his hand as he walked across the parking lot, he told me "he would walk like a big boy"!! My heart sank, then on our way out of school, he said " nana hold me". I love that little man!!!

Anonymous said...

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