Thursday, July 8, 2010

Father's Day Camping Trip

Ok, so after 10 years of camping together in a tent, Matt and I finally decided that it was time to take a step up in the camping world and start this season off as new trailer owners. So here we are happily posing in front of our, at least new to us, camper!!

My most favorite part of any camping trip is the hour just before bed when Carter jumps up in my lap for a little cuddle time around the fire...even if it is 10 pm and still 90 degrees!

Rain really isn't a factor when you come equipped with rain boots...this is a little boys camping heaven. Rain, water, mud, and bugs!

Just a pretty little waterfall at the Fort Wayne Zoo

Kalen, Keira, Carter, Ceili and Keaton!

Oh my goodness..we had such a blast making trip after trip down this water slide at the state park where we were camping.

Ceili, Keaton, Carter, and Marilyn taking a break from all that water sliding.

Uncle David helps Carter and Ceili during the water balloon toss.

Grandpa and Matt are neck to neck in a little round of field day fun at our Fathers Day Cookout.

Ceili and Carter love their papaw more than words could ever say!

We had such a good time hanging out and spending time with almost 70 family members. We are so blessed to have such a large and close family and I cherish the times we are able to spend together. Next up....Myrtle Beach in T - 6 days!!


Ashley and Brian said...

four words... I LOVE OUR FAMILY!!

Nana said...

Great pictures!! Dad and I are so blessed to have grown children who with their families still love to be together on trips!! It is always a great time!!

Nana said...
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