Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Vacation 2010

This year for our annual family vacation, with all my sisters and their families, we rented a house just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. Matt and I, along with Carter, actually snuck away a few days early to spend some time with Nana and Papa Wynberry in Charleston before spending the rest of the week with all the Mennel girls and our kids. It was so nice to see Charleston again. No matter how many times we go it just never gets old. I love all the water, the huge houses, the history and the food! We spent the days playing in the water, collecting shells and watching dolphins and the nights were spent into the Wii hours catching up and bowling on the Wii!

Above Carter is searching for (and I think he found) the perfect shells with Nana

If you know Carter, then you know that old ships, big cannons and pirate artifacts are right up his alley. He was all smiles at Charleston's Queen Anne' s Revenge. The food was really good but the real pirate artifacts where even neater!

And then our four days in Charleston came to an end so we packed up and headed north just a bit to Garden City, just south of Myrtle Beach!

Above Keira and Carter are hanging out in Pawleys Island, which is known for their Hammocks. I found it ironic that the little old man who spends his days weaving these ever so comfortable hammocks has never owned one and says that when he heads home he heads straight to his bed...not the best sales pitch but the simple God's honest truth!

Shawna, Don, Keira and Kalen soakin' up some sun and diggin' in the sand!

Shae had the time of her life out in the waves while Ty preferred to stay on the beach...poor Shae loved it so much she ended up with swimmers ear and poor Ty found himself buried up to his neck with help from all the little ones!

Uncle Justin serenaded us all with his ukulele

Oh my goodness, we all had such a good time crab hunting at night. It was just too bad that Uncle Justin was the only one out of all of us that was lucky enough to catch anything. But the kids had fun regardless. They were able to run around, get wet and chase each other with flashlights, so they couldn't really have cared less about catching a crab!

Oh and did I mention how peaceful and relaxing this vacation was?!

My lil' love bug is getting too big

I don't know why I love this picture the way I do, the shell is well sub-standard and you cannot see his sweet baby face but I think it has something to do with those sweet little fingers that still love to hold his momma's hand...and the fact that he was so completely excited because he found "the bestest shell"

Kalen, Carter, Ceili, Keira, Shae, Ty and Keaton
When the kids are happy we are all happy!

and then the same came up on our very last day and we headed back to Indy with sand on our floorboards, sun on our skin, and memories in our heart...who could be happier!

and you wouldn't believe that I just deleted a picture that i really wanted to post and I am at work so here is this for now and I will post it later....


Ashley and Brian said...

Oh my.. it looks like a missed a good one. I cant believe how big all of the kiddos look, I bet they had a blast. I love Carter's new little man hair cut... almost as much as I love your blog, I can hear your voice when I read what you write and it brings a smile to face every time!

love you!

P.s. we are super excited to use the goodies you brought back for us!

Nana said...

I love the pictures! We had a great time on vacation, we had beautiful weather, awesome company and lots of fun and laughter! Thanks for the memories!!

Holly said...

We all did have a great time, didn't we?! I absolutely love seeing all of the little ones experience things together...they LOVE being together!! Can't wait to get my pics edited and up...where can I buy some extra time?! lol