Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahoy matey

For the last couple of months Carter has been asking to sleep in a pirate bed. So for his 3rd Birthday Matt decided to surprise Carter and build him his bed. So after a few months of it taking up space in the garage and a few different stain colors later, finally Carter has his pirate ship bed and he couldn't love it more!
above Carter gives us a helping hand as we finish the mast and sail!
Awe, I just love the way it turned it! Matt worked really hard on it and i think it is just beautiful! He even made it extra special by adding a trap door so Carter can have a secret hiding place all decked out with rope lighting and some of Carters favorite toys. There is even a reading deck so Carter can sit up front and read or play or steer his ship!

And those are the faces of a daddy and his son who love each other dearly!


Nana said...

Great job Matt!!! Jamie the room looks wonderful! Carter is certainly one lucky little boy!

Sara said...

Very impressive! Love it!

Holly said...

Oh I love his room!!! I bet he is soooooo excited to have his Pirate Ship bed....can't wait to see it in person!! Job well done, Matt!!

Ashley and Brian said...

I love it! And I love how excited he is about it. He is a lucky little boy.

Jenni Quesenberry said...

Um, seriously, this is the CUTEST thing ever! I totally love it!!!! So happy the S.S Carter has set sail!