Monday, April 12, 2010

The day has finally come

when my little guy can finally play soccer. Well, sort of. We have finally, after two years, found a soccer clinic for three year olds. If you know Carter, then you know that he has been practicing soccer since the day he learned to walk. Ever since I can remember he has kicked a soccer ball around the house and out in the yard. Even last summer I caught him playing on his computer and I asked what he was playing and he said "I signing up for soccer mom". Too funny! Well, he is! Our little soccer star!
Ok, so maybe the entire outfit is a little over kill for a soccer clinic for three year olds but how do you tell your son that he cannot have soccer cleats and shorts when he has been wanting them for so long. So yes, we got him all decked out and he thought he was the coolest thing around!
and he is running, eye on the ball, form looks good


Carter gives soccer his signature two thumbs up!!
(sorry the above pic is a little out of focus...I hate when that happens to a cute photo)

So after his little practice we took him to "celebrate" at his favorite ice cream place as he calls it "Basketball Robbins"!
(and yes that is Matts beloved Bronco in the background.)


Nana said...

YAY!!! I am so happy for Carter to be able to play soccer! I know he is so excited. Looking at the pictures made me cry, it was happy tears knowing how happy he is finally getting to do something he has talked about forever and seeing how happy he was!! Love you!!

Ashley and Brian said...

Oh that is so cute! I am sure he was just as excited as could be. I cant wait to have him tell me all about it. When is the next clinic? I would love to catch the little man in action!

Holly said...

LOVE IT!!! He has been such a good cousin, watching Ceili play soccer for 2 seasons and asking every time if it's time for him to play yet....I am so glad his time has come!!! I can't wait to come watch him next week...Ceili is very excited to come watch him too!!

Sara said...

Where in the world did you find umbros that small?! That's so funny that he calls it basketball robins! And I laughed out loud when I read that he named his chick chickenhead! Kids are so funny. I find myself just letting Evie think things are called the silly names that she gives them. I don't like correcting her, because then it won't be cute anymore. Today we drove by one of those big canon/machine guns that they sometimes put on display in a grassy area and paint light gray...she said, "look mom, there's a laundry shoot!" :)