Friday, December 18, 2009

Polar Express Night

Last weekend was jam packed full of holiday festivities. On Friday, Carters Stay 'N Play hosted a Polar Express Night. We watched the movie, ate cookies and sipped some hot cocoa and even had a little surprise visit from Santa. Carter invited Ceili to come along with us and they had an absolute blast together. Although they are cousins they are more like brother and sister, and above, their little smiles just show how much they truly love one another.
Check back later for more pics from our busy yet all too much fun weekend!


Holly said...

Oh how sweet!! I love that picture of Carter and Ceili - they really do love each other so much!! And yes....they are definitely more like brother and sister than cousins - and I hope it stays that way forever!! Love you guys!

Nana said...

They are so cute together! They love to be with each other.