Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Dune Truck"

Yay, it finally arrived....Carters backseat for the Bronco that is! Once we told Carter that Matt had ordered his new seat he asked us probably 20 times a day if the "mail truck come?". He watched out the window, checked the front porch, and talked about it constantly. And then, one day while he was napping, it came!!! And when we he woke up I told him the great news and that we would need to wait for daddy to get home from work, and well, as you can see that is exactly what the did. Carter ran to front door to make sure it was there and then he proceeded to sit outside for like 30 minutes just sitting, watching, and waiting on Matt! Once Matt brought it into the house Carter even helped him put it together by reading the "structions".

And here he is on his first "dune truck" ride!!

Matt and Carter taking the Bronco for a little spin!


Nana said...

YAY!!! Carter now has his own seat in the truck! I know he is happy about this.

Holly said...

So glad that seat finally came in so we can take the "dune trucks" out together...think of the fun the kids will have!! We definitely need to take them out again - we had a blast last time!!