Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is my Granny and she is just beautiful. But her beauty is far more than red lipstick and painted nails. Here is what makes her one of the most beautiful women I know.

she's my granny * her smile * her long pretty fingers that look so much like my moms that it isn't even funny * Coal Miners Cake * trips to "down home" * 4th of July parties * my first airplane ride * her hard-work and determination as a mother * her home-made flower pot dinner rolls * apple trees * back porch sits * how the smoke detector went off every time something good was being baked * her ability to play the piano * her poems * jewelry * her leather car seats in the summer sun * listening to "old" country music * her laugh * fireworks in the court * Kings Island trips * the lamp in the back bedroom that always seemed to amaze me with its ability to have either the top/bottom/or both bulbs lit * sleep overs * her willingness to always help her family * little jars in her bathroom filled with cotton balls * her cookie jar * Peach Faygo * Christmas Salad * hardwood floors with our socks on * three little blue ceramic singing angles on her front coffee table * buckeyes * Norman Rockwell plates * bubble lights on her Christmas tree * her quilts * the way she bends her head down and shakes it when she is laughing * letters sent to me during college * her afghans * slip on shoes * her handwriting * brass bed * well water * round ice cubes * waking up from a sleep over to the smell of breakfast and morning coffee * for always making it to at least one or more of my games per season * her flower garden * her love for her church * bird watching * her love for the great-grandchildren * her pecan pie * sitting by the fireplace during winter * for always being an involved grandparent and simply because she's my granny!!
Happy 70th Birthday Granny!
I love you!


Holly said...

Oh the memories!! I was going to write a post about Granny tomorrow morning...but maybe I should just link a post to yours because it captures our Granny PERFECTLY!! It's amazing all the "little" things that just make you smile when you think about them!!

Nana said...

Well Jamie I think you captured the greatest memories of Granny. It made her cry!! She was so happy and touched.

Nana said...

Well Jamie I think you captured the greatest memories of Granny. It made her cry!! She was so happy and touched.

auntiea said...

Wow, you really captured how wonderful our granny is! With every few memories can a little chuchkle, and even a few tears. We are truly blessed to have a Granny that has made our lives so wonderful. Happy birthday Gran.

june said...

You made me remember things I thought I had forgotten. You helped make this a birthday I will never forget. Love you lots!!!