Monday, March 16, 2009

Keys Please

I just have to post this before I forget. This evening while I was cooking dinner Carter was playing by himself in the loft. Every few minutes, since Matt wasn't home, I would ask Carter if he was doing okay. He would yes and I would keep on cooking. Then about 10 minutes later I heard his little feet walking so softly down the stairs and into the kitchen. He started opening up drawers looking for something. He then said, "mom, keys please". So, I opened the drawer where I hide his play keys and handed them to him. He was off to play. Which usually means that any minute I will hear him pretending to be a fire truck or dump truck or something else along those lines. But not tonight, he was quite and I was still cooking. I thought better of it and ran upstairs to see what he was doing.
Well, I have this little gate to keep him in his room at night but I usually leave it up most of the day. As I got to the top of the stairs this is what I saw. Carter had his keys in hand trying to "unlock" the baby gate. He was holding his keys up to the screw and using them like a screwdriver. He said, "mom, help me." So while he was still trying desperately to unlock it with his keys I bent over and opened the gate. He was so completely excited when it opened that he ran into his room saying, "it worked, it worked". He truly had no clue that the keys had nothing to do with the gate opening. For all he knew the keys worked. Finally! we have been wondering what the keys have gone to forever now. Apparently they belong to the baby gate. Kind of cute and really funny!!


Nana said...

What a smart little guy he is!! Pretty soon he will figure out how to really unlock that gate.

auntiea said...

Carter is such a big boy! That story with the keys is too funny! I cant wait to see my little man and his new big boy room! Yes, Jeze has gotten big! And yes, there is a park near by that we go to all the time, even in the not so nice weather. She just loves playing with all the other dogs, I sware even though they dont 'talk' they seem to teach her new things everytime we go! I cant wait for you to meet her. Love you