Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

On Friday, Matt took the day off to hang out with Carter and me....the weekends are just too busy any more! So we took advantage of our day together and took Carter to his very 1st Pumpkin Patch at Huber Winery. It was wonderful. There was a chill in the air, the leaves were in color, and what more could we ask for, there were tons of pumpkins to be picked! Above, Carter is posing for a few pictures on the tracker and the pumpkin wagon. He got all the ladies attention while we tried taking these pictures. They were passing by saying, "Awe, look at him", "Look at the baby", "Isn't that cute!". Of course, Carter just smiled and took it all in! What a sport!

So here we are picking out his pumpkin! Carter just loved it! At first he was more interested in the grass, the leaves, the vines and then he finally discovered that if you tap on the pumpkin it makes a sound. He was all smiles for the camera after that!

Carter standing next to the giant Huber Orchards Measuring Stick out in the field. We thought it was a cute way to show how tall he was at his first pumpkin patch experience, but on closer examination, the ruler is a little off. It says he is only 2 ft tall, but really he is 28 inches. Oh well, it may be a little off but the concept was still cute! We had so much fun spending the day at such a beautiful orchard. Now we just cannot wait to get home and carve those pumpkins! More pictures of that I am sure!


Nana Mennel said...

Looks like everyone had a great time hunting for their pumpkin! You already had the cutest little pumpkin with you! Love the pictures of him on the wagon.

auntiea said...

Aww, looks like fun! Carter sure seemed to be enjoying the day with you guys! I had so much fun seeing you this weekend. Love you all.

Holly said...

How cute! It looks like Carter had a good time at Huber - glad you guys took our advice and went down there. It's such a neat place!! Great pictures! Love you all!