Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Matt and I thought long and hard about Carter's 1st Halloween Costume. We had a costume party to attend and since he isn't quite walking yet and we had to hold him most of the night, we thought his costume should compliment ours. Who am I kidding, he was the whole reason we did the costume!! So, Matt and I dressed up as pirate's and he was our little Parrot! He was just too cute! He loved all the feathers and he would get really exciting and start shaking his legs and flapping his wings...I mean arms. I spent hours preparing his costume and it was so nice to hear a three year old say "He's a parrot!" All that hard work payed off...he was a hit!!

The three of us before our costume party debut!


Sara said...

I just emailed you asking to see pictures of this...thank you! What a cutie! And two good lookin' pirates too! Great thinking, mom. And nice job on the costume. Crafty craftswoman!

Nana Mennel said...

Great pictures!! You did a wonderful job putting all of your costumes together. Of course, Carter was a big hit. He did look like he was going to take off flying any minute. Great job!

Travis said...

Alright, good choice! I thought he could look funny as a turtle, but this works with the family theme. Great pics!


auntiea said...

oh my gosh- that is stinking cute!! I wish I would have been there to see them in person. How creative are those costumes- i think you could have won some money for those! He is a Buffet fan for sure.

nana wynberry said...

NANA and PAPA Wynberry thought the costumes were great but Matt needs to work on that hair flip.
Carter was the cutiest parrot yet.

Love to all.