Monday, June 11, 2007

A Walk in the Park

Saturday was such a bright sun shiny day that we decided to take Carter for his first hike in the woods! We went to Shades State Park and after we enjoyed our picnic lunch we hit the trails for a little afternoon hike! Carter loved looking around as the sun shined through all the trees and a cool breeze blew through his wasn't long into the hike that little Carter tired out and fell fast asleep while I carried 13 lbs of extra weight. How did I ever make it carrying all that pregnancy weight? We went down by the river where Matt skipped rocks and talked about how he couldn't wait to take Carter there and teach him to fish...I reminded him that Carter was only 3 1/2 months so the fishing lesson would need to wait just a few more years! Overall, we had a wonderful day hiking and I cannot wait until next weekend when we will try our hand at camping with Carter for the first time. Wish us luck!


auntiea said...

Aww so cute. Looks like it was a really beautiful day! You guys are going camping next weekend? That should be fun- where are you going?

Sara said...

What a sweet picture of him sleeping on you! You are brave going camping with him! Check him for ticks...they might be hard to see in that thick head of hair ;)