Monday, June 11, 2007

All those Rolls

and you thought I was talking about the rolls on his thighs? Or maybe the rolls under his chin? Nope, on Sunday June 10th Carter rolled over for the very 1st time. At first, he looked at me like he was so completely confused but then I sat him up and he did it again and again and again and he would just laugh like it was the best thing he had ever done! We were so proud of him so of course we got out the video camera and then proceeded to call the family to let them in on our big news....Carter is getting so big! We just love watching him grow, explore, and learn new things. He is laughing all the time, holding his head up, eating his hands like they are going out of style, and now rolling over. What will come next, driving a car? Whatever it may be, we are just so excited to be called the parents of this precious little boy, a true gift from God!


Nana Mennel said...

It is so exciting to see Carter rolling over!!! He seems to just love it. It won't be long he will be going from front to back, he almost did it today. He is growing way to fast!!! I can't get enough of his laugh and smile!!

auntiea said...

Oh my goodness. I couldnt believe it yesterday when you called and told me he rolled over! he is just getting soo big! Cant wait to see him and his "new trick" lol in a few weeks!

Holly said...

What a big boy Baby Carter is becomming!! I can't wait to see his new trick this weekend! Give him hugs and kisses from me! Love you guys!!