Friday, May 11, 2007

Today Baptized with water

Forever bathed in God's holy love!
Here is Carter in his baptismal outfit that Matt also wore as a baby and his bonnet that his Auntie Nawna bought for him!
How sweet!

Fr. Mac baptizing Carter!
We are so glad that he was available for this very special day!

Carter and Keira were both baptized on May 5, 2007. Here are the sweet little babies with their Godparents!

The Mennel's celebrate yet two more little blessings!

The Wynberry's celebrate yet another boy!

Carter is so lucky to have such special Godparents, his Uncle Travis and his Auntie A (Ashley).


Shawna said...

Awesome pictures! Think we're sisters? Look how both of us pose! I'm so glad that Keira and Carter were able to share their day! It was a lot of fun!

Nana Mennel said...

What a wonderful day it was. We are so blessed to have such healthy and beautiful babies in our family. God has truly watched over us. It was extra special that Keira and Carter could celebrate their baptisms together. So glad Fr. Mac could be there. Love you all.

auntiea said...

So glad that I can be a part of Carter's life. It feels so wonderful to call him my God Child. This day was so amazing- to have the whole family together and healthy- what a beautiful gift!! Looking forward to all of the moments to come. love you

nana wynberry said...

What a wonderful and special day for our families. And yes, the Wynberry clan does love all those boys. We feel so blessed. Of course, that baby girl dress is still hanging in the closet in hope of one day to be used.
All our love.