Monday, April 16, 2012

5th Birthday* B*A*S*H*

Turning 5 just wouldn't have been complete without an all out camo, "army-guy", birthday BASH!
Oh, and the cake you ask, yes it was made by yours truly and my sister Holly specifically to meet all the requirements and expectations of our two little men!
and I have to admit I love the way it turned out!
and then it was off to the backyard for the Birthday Bash Boot Camp obstacle course. Thank goodness it was a beautiful 55 degree day in the middle of February!

How lucky the boys are to have a birthday so close together and so many friends to help them celebrate such a special day!

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Nana said...

They had a wonderful birthday!! Such lucky little guys. It was a great time and the cake was awesome and so was the other food! Great job!!