Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh October,

how we love thee!
You are our absolute favorite time of the year. When you finally roll around and the leaves begin to change you welcome us with crisp cool mornings and dew upon our grass. We are caught in such a short amount of time to celebrate your fleeting beauty. And so in these brief few weeks of fall we find ourselves packing up and camping, apple cider sipping, soup eating, windows opening, Bronco riding, and pumpkin pickin!
Oh October, how we love thee!

This past weekend was just beautiful so we decided to take a drive in the country. Now we usually have this special day trip that we take to Huber Winery to pick our pumpkins but on Saturday as we were driving we found this cute little country patch that was having a festival. Carter really wanted a pumpkin TODAY so we stopped in for some pumpkin pickin....only to find that they were already picked. So since we couldn't change our minds and tell Carter no, we simply made the best of it and let im pick out a few dandies!
Here he is seriously contemplating which he should choose.

and as always we take a little time to pose for some pics by pretty mums and as always I get the pirate eye smile!

and at the end of our endeavor we ended up with a wagon full of fall!
Just a little story. So Matt thinks that I spend too much time doing crafts and not so manly things with Carter. I am a mom what can I say. So anyways, when we got home Carter immediately wanted to decorate the porch. So as we were setting out our corn stalks and pumpkins Carter took a few steps back and said "mom, come look at it from here. It looks really cute" and then quickly followed it up by saying " and dad by cute I mean cool!" Too funny. and for the record I personally thought it looked cute and by cute I mean darling!


Nana said...

Love this!Carter loves to be outside!!!

Ashley and Brian said...

He is so funny, I just love listening to him talk and tell stories, he is so grown up in spirit.