Monday, August 24, 2009

Really, already?

wow, I cannot believe that you are already 2 1/2! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital and now I look at you and see a little boy that is growing like a weed! Over the past six months you have grown 2 inches, moved up 2 shoes sizes, and have maintained your slim figure at a whopping 25 lbs!
Never mind all the whining, screaming, and screeching, and the tantrums in Target. This is what I love about you at 2 1/2!
*I love when your little dirt smudged hands pull my face to yours for a kiss.
*When you take your daily vitamin that you say "mom, take your bitamin"
*that you say "hopitator" for helicopter!
*that you sooo badly want to ride a school bus but then say that I, your blanket, and your bear all have to come along with you!
* that you want a backpack and you say "I be spiderman packpack and mom you be a princess packpack"!
* when we play doctor, which is like 5 times daily, that you listen to our hearts and say that it says, "wove you, wove you"
* when we go Bronco riding, I love when you say "jump in mom"!
* when we are in the car and you ask me to turn the music up and then you say "you sing that mom!"
* when Taylor Swift or Sugarland come on the radio you start smiling and dancing and you say "that my girl"
* that you have finally learned to peddle your tricycle
*that you love going on bug hunts, digging in the dirt, and finger painting
* that out of all the colors we have, your favorite color of play-doh is still the homemade blue we made together!
*that when you color a picture you ALWAYS put a small scribble in each corner before starting on the rest of the page
*sitting on the back porch sharing popsicles as we watch our fish in the pond.
*that while we are sitting there if you cannot see the fish or frogs, you start saying "come out, come out, where ever you are"
* and I love that for no reason at all you will just grab my hand and say "I wove you mom" and I think you mean it!!
This is just a little picture of Carter that I find just hilarious. When we were camping in Michigan he wanted to play in the tent on his "puter" so I walked in to take this picture and asked what he was doing and he so excited said "mom, I signing up for soccer!". Isn't that funny! I guess I better get on this whole soccer thing since he is now trying to sign himself up!

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Nana said...

Carter is getting so big! He has a neat little personality and he loves to love! He is my little stud muffin.