Friday, September 12, 2008

Maverick, Iceman, Charlie...

an experience that is so completely for Top Gun lovers....The Mount Comfort Airshow! Since Carter absolutely without any doubt loves airplanes, Matt and Papa took Carter to the airshow. Seriously, every time Carter sees or hears an airplane he gets all excited runs to the window or outside to watch it go by then he points to the plane and then to himself and says, "Me, Me!!".
So here are a few pictures from their fun-filled day...Matt really was there just no photos of him:(
The Parachuters
Pickin' up some speed against the resistance of the airflow...kind of neat I thought!!

I thought this picture was really too awesome not to post....nice shot Matt!

This one makes me wonder what exactly are they watching!?!?
(notice they are looking in opposite directions)

Carter and Papa hanging out and sharing a sack lunch daddy packed for all of them. Looks like the three of them had tons of fun together!

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Nana said...

I am sure Carter had a wonderful time, he really loves airplanes. What a great bonding time with the guys!