Monday, July 7, 2008

I heart the "lawn boy"!!

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't love their lawn-boy if he was 2'7" and weighed 21.4 lbs with dark hair, dark eyes, and smile that just stops you in your tracks!!
And he can even do the maintenance on it as well!!

and the only thing he requires for payment is just a sippy full of water!!


Nana said...

I will hire him, and even give him Dippin Dots ice cream. Cute pictures. Hopefully in a few years he will still think it is cool to push the mower!!!

auntiea said...

Too Cute!! If I had a lawn, Id be hiring this little cutie for sure!

Sara said...

How much does he charge? Will he take his shirt off if I pay him extra?

Holly said...

How cute is he?! He can come mow my lawn anytime!! Love you guys!