Sunday, February 18, 2007

In the snow

Matt, after 7 years, has finally learned to embrace Indiana winters. The past couple weekends Matt has enjoyed taking hikes through a nearby park in hopes of seeing deer and other animals playing in the snow. Although he hasnt seen any animals, he has spotted some deer tracks and has also managed to capture some pretty pictures and peace of mind.


auntiea said...

Wow, beautiful images! Indiana winters are beautiful that is for sure. I too have enjoyed being able to come home and go on long hikes in the snow covered woods, because of sights like these most definately! see you guys soon, when carter arrives!!!!

Nana Mennel said...

The pictures are beautiful, almost makes me want to go out and hike. If the scenery could look like this and be warm I would go. I really do like the pictures, and I am glad Matt is enjoying the solitude. We all need it at times.